Monday, November 7, 2011

I'd thought for a portion of a minute
Like pixi dust in a treasure chest...marked with an "X"
I'd found him.
I saw him.
A face I painted a million times over
Different in each attempt
Appeared in a teardrop from my past.
I prepared to comfort this fantasy like an abandoned child.
I crushed stars and blew through galaxies to see his smile.
Enamored by a tainted idea of forever,
I held my arms out to the hope of talks under the stars and late lunches with him.
His name became part of my vernacular...
Just before he packed his things
I wrote my vows,
While he put my diginity in his suitcase like a keepsake to remind himself of my existence.
Foolish and aborted, again.
Waiting for him to return.
Stripped down,
The band left.
The music knows something I haven't figured out yet.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


If he'd just say the words...
He vanquishes those question marks
Sealing the gaps and settles the iniquity that festers in a race never won.
He puts a conclusion to the stories I was told....making all the fairy tales true.
I spend each day devising new ways to say "Thank You"...
He knows I'm the perfect candidate...
I fulfill old expectations, make new ones, boost egos and heal souls... all before breakfast,
Because I'm that bad...and he's that worth it.
His voice pays homage to ideas configured in better times.
A compliment to a queen's standards...
He's what was needed when my majesty sat in rags,
Hopeless in the dungeons of empty homes.
More than a breath of fresh air,
He's the wisp of oxygen I searched for feverishly when I drowned,
And he continues to save my life.
I'm retiring my poker face because he's my partner.
He called my bluff and nurtured it...
I bowed out gracefully.
He's an accoutrement that never overshadows...
Sitting on my tongue as the coolness of wine,
I feel my heart digest him in agreement.
I'm trying to put a face to this energy,
And dare someone to tell me I can't