Monday, November 7, 2011

I'd thought for a portion of a minute
Like pixi dust in a treasure chest...marked with an "X"
I'd found him.
I saw him.
A face I painted a million times over
Different in each attempt
Appeared in a teardrop from my past.
I prepared to comfort this fantasy like an abandoned child.
I crushed stars and blew through galaxies to see his smile.
Enamored by a tainted idea of forever,
I held my arms out to the hope of talks under the stars and late lunches with him.
His name became part of my vernacular...
Just before he packed his things
I wrote my vows,
While he put my diginity in his suitcase like a keepsake to remind himself of my existence.
Foolish and aborted, again.
Waiting for him to return.
Stripped down,
The band left.
The music knows something I haven't figured out yet.