Thursday, September 18, 2008

Throw In The Towel

No matter what I say, you're never gonna understand.
So caught up in blame, refusing to see your guilt.
Maybe you're incapable of it.
I could chant my truth 'till I'm blue in the face
show and prove my worth,
But it will not be enough. You ain't budging.
Your way or the highway? Well, I'm packing up for a new tomorrow.
You're not as cute as you used to be
The view distorts as often as you tear me down to the white meat.
Even when you tell the truth,
you're still lying.
Truth is relative...
Your observation isn't mine.
You're not as together as you think you are.

You're as unavailable as an icicle in the shade of the Sahara.
The distance is as loud as the thumping between my legs.
I think you're deaf while I watch you wear headphones.

You create this struggle for the hopefuls.
When they stop climbing, you reason it with them "not really wanting it anyway"
How sad... luring 'em in with a feast
Then holding these hungry souls arm-distance away.
You're mean.

You wear me out like tennis shoes...
I'm so tired of trying to win you
I know now that I was defeated from the start.
I never had a chance... those don't come with the package.
You just didn't tell me.
You're so unavailable.....
You say you're looking for me, but you're shut virgin tight.
Your sorrow and unaddressed emotions are taking the place of anything that could ever be.
So what would be ideal?
You say you want love,
but you want a punching bag....
It ends up being a contest among those who can take the most hits.
The ref is counting me out.
He's past one and I'm not getting up.
On your advertisement, I thought I read gentle...
You wrote that?
You were being honest...
But truth is relative... your observation may not be mine.
I can't do this anymore.
I wish you could see
It's not them... it's so you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day for Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!