Sunday, March 25, 2012

I See You

I see you.
I know who you are.
Distant and jaded...
You've perfected the art of blame...
Wearing yesterday's regrets like a winter coat during a blizzard.
Afraid of your own shadow, so you stand in someone else's.
Stuck in someone else's muck and make it your own.
I have your number...
Dialed it accidentally.
I've seen some like you.
Obviously broken.
You're a bad reputation engulfed in fake agendas.
A mistake that continues to repeat itself.
Defense mechanisms built on marshmallows in glass huts.
You wear my patience pancake-thin
And relish in the thought of my ignorance...foolish.
Those like you never think anyone else sees...
Wrapping lies in pleasantries and well wishes,
But I translated them.
I know what you try to do
Because your failure wreaks in the air around you...your theme song.
It seeps through your pores making you pitiful.
I saw you were before you said my name.
I call you out.
Expose you.
You know who you were.
I know exactly who you are.