Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Maid?

Feeling as if the lonely nights are tenants now
They've become familiar like the paint on my walls
Bold in hue
The emptiness plays a drum roll for me
Asking me about my day
I'm living with absence and heartbreak
I'm co-existing with someone else's failure, making it my own
Proactive in defeat
Beaten up and downtrodden by disappointment
Bells ringing because I've lost the tired
Wondering if I have one more in me
Because this alone thing ain't cutting it

Its amazing how things always have a tendency to come full circle.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have never seen anything so beauteous
Never been held so tight by a feeling
Keeping me company when I'm sequestered in dark thought
A nightlight
A glow that was whispered in the times of holding hands and steady pins
Giving shape to the breath that keeps me kicking
I love the way I find completion in the thought of you
The way you rock under my eyelids in the morning
And stay there to tell me goodnight
I owe you more than you're aware of
Standing as a protector of my heart when solitude was becoming probable
I wonder if you felt me probing the depths of poetic verses to find your face
I wonder if you noticed me disarm during a kiss that is still lasting under my skin
This is almost too real to be mine
Gratitude suspended in the spaces between my thoughts
You're better than perfect, wearing your scars in my pockets
You're superhuman....
Choking the life out of any uncertainty in my heart