Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reminder....THIS IS A REPOST!!!!!

Someone said this was her favorite so I promised I would re-post it...For Gina

Its the center of an eye,
dark and unfavorable...
Engulfed by color, jealous, unable to resist.
The muddy waters that surround a Lotus flower.
The wretched smell of a loveless home.
Yelling "checkmate"...handing my slippers to me when I come in from work.
Its like the infidelity that sits on back porches,
lurking in family courts
with blinded adults and taunted children.
Its whooping and hollering in its Sunday Best, taking my spirit,
giving my eardrums a run for their money.
Its making a mockery of me.
Its a different kind of post-traumatic stress that reverberates throughout my existence.
Popping wheelies along twisted vines, choking the breath out of my lungs.
Thick as if I added cornstarch.
Textbook heavy.
I never win the war and I get vanquished in the battle.
Its stifling my heartbeat...
staining the fabric of my dream catcher.
Subduing the fight against these tears....
Oddly, its the only constant I have right now.
The only thing I can count on.
Your absence is more apparent than I want it to be.
Video blog coming soon!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Not me or you
Simply and abstractly us
Loving the complexity of this feeling that I sang about in my shower
I had called out for you aching in fury
Looked for you on thrones, in flowers, at the bottom of oceans...in my own reflection
I put my feet in your good leather shoes...
Walked around....
In a trance...
Tracing your steps, sniffing the sheets you slept on.
Can't even begin to find the means to say....
Continuing right where we left off...this isn't awkward at all
We were never apart
You never left
You dwelled in the places I don't have the courage to mention
Telling old jokes followed by new smiles
Being safe in a smile that stretches across lifetimes
Cool like iced chamomile on tar beach
Sweet like peach flesh
I'd missed you for longer than I'm gonna say