Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have to erase you.
Cease these violent truths with gentle ends,
Turn my head and not imagine you asking for a steady return.
I'm asking for scientific and figurative impossibilities.
I need you to stop mattering.
No more rendezvous in my subconscious
Self-inflicting this sure loss...
Losing the war when I permit you to my chambers.
The past glory of your affection can no longer grant you asylum here.
Your absence and your presence are co-existing
Playing on my sanity.
I'm routing for a team that's not even playing anymore.
As much as I need you....
I need you to go


Mizrepresent said...

You just don't know how much your words on this piece moved me...i am feeling this everywhere.

Green said...

Thx hun...Things just get so heavy on my heart....

Muze said...

girl. girl girl.

...that's all. lol

Carlos said...

Wow....this is HOTT!! Very nice!