Friday, March 22, 2013

Absolute...proven theory.
You and I are a scientific certainty that I prove every time I stare at you.
I'm bound by the strings you strum when you tell me you're thinking of me
  and remember those moments in times of loneliness.

Love happened in a million yesterdays...
We have exemplified, mastered, and transcended it.
This is something else....
A connection greater than magnetic pull,
You'll feel my touch from the top of a distant thought
  and hear my heart calling for for across lifetimes.

No expectations needed.
We manifest each other.
Our paths are ingrained in our beings,
  Our thoughts dance with one another when we sit in silence, stealing normalcy.
I entertain the idea of forever
  because you serve as a cushion for me to fall on.
I didn't know you were possible.
Your smile is genius and your touch assaults my questions.
They'd ask me what my name is
And I'd reply, "Grateful".
You lend substance to my prose and create my next achievement.
I'll spend the rest of my days trying to explain what we have,
And I'll never get it right.

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